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YOU Can Stop BLM from Sterilizing & Slaughtering America’s Wild Horses and Burros

The BLM’s 2017 budget proposal spells disaster for our wild horses and burros. The agency wants to sterilize wild horses on the range, and hand off captured mustangs to state and local governments, while stripping the aimals of the the legal status that currently protects them from being sold for slaughter.

If approved by Congress, the proposed budget language opens the door to mass sterilization and slaughter of captured wild horses and burros. Congress is considering this RIGHT NOW, and we’re mobilizing as never before with a focused lobbying effort, public education campaign and litigation strategy to defeat this devastating plan.


President’s 2017 Budget Puts Wild Horses At Risk of Slaughter

In a stunning reversal, the President’s Proposed 2017 Budget seeks to amend the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act to allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to turn over captured wild horses to state agencies and strip these animals of the legal status that currently protects them from slaughter. If approved by Congress, the amendment would allow the BLM to place unlimited numbers of wild horses directly into the hands of state and local governments that have vocally lobbied for mass removals and slaughter of these iconic animals. The proposed appropriations language also calls for sterilization of wild horses and burros in the wild. This is a grave threat to our remaining wild horse and burro herds. If ever there was a time to show united and strong opposition to the BLM’s anti-wild horse and burro policies, this is it! Please take action below and share widely. Thank you!


Tell Whole Foods: Don’t Sell HMA-Fed Meat

Ranchers who sell beef to Whole Foods Market are behind the largest mustang roundup of 2015-2016 is now underway in southern Oregon.

Whole Foods Market is striving toward ethical food sourcing, but there is nothing ethical about the way wild horses and burros are wiped out to make room for more private livestock grazing on our public lands.

The massive roundup under way in Oregon is being conducted specifically due to pressure from the Beatys Butte Grazing Association, so its members can run more cattle on the public lands in the Beatys Butte Herd Management Area, which is a federally designated wild horse habitat. Several members of the Beatys Butte Grazing Association — including its president — market their beef through a cooperative called Country Natural Beef, which is a major provider of beef to Whole Foods Market.


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