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Wild Mustang Poem

Welcome to The Horse Network

The Horse Network provides a directory listing of Horse Rescue Organization, Advocate information regarding America’s Wild Mustangs and news.

Support Humane Mustang Management in Colorado!

Please sign by August 3, 2016 On August 4, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management…

Stop America’s Wild Horses & Burros From Sterilization & Mass Slaughter

Danger is growing on Capitol Hill for America’s wild horses and burros. Public lands ranchers…

Springtime Brings New Baby Horses

I love springtime. Days are getting warmer and April showers have brought May flowers. Springtime…

Stop BLM from Sterilizing & Slaughtering America’s Wild Horses & Burros

The BLM’s 2017 budget proposal spells disaster for our wild horses and burros. The agency…

President’s 2017 Budget Puts Wild Horses At Risk of Slaughter

In a stunning reversal, the President’s Proposed 2017 Budget seeks to amend the Wild Free-Roaming…

Wild Mustangs Horses Carson City, June 2015

With daytime temperatures in the high 90’s, I was concerned for the Mustangs. Did they…

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